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XIII Congreso de SIBE

Dialogue, opening up and interdisciplinary: through XXI century ethnomusicology
Cuenca (Spain), October, 23rd, 24th, 25th 2014
Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo

            The XIII Ethnomusicology Society Congress will be celebrated in Cuenca, World Heritage city since 1996. The congress is going to be about the reflection in nowadays situation of musical research related to urban popular and oral tradition music, from different points of view. As today is fundamental in ethnomusicology that sciences and disciplines get closer to face up to new challenges that popular music arises. Consequently, interdisciplinary is one of the basic focuses of surveys and researches on the XXI century.

            Furthermore, new education laws for primary and secondary school, approved by different governments, continue pushing music into the background, so we considerate as a priority objective the importance of the didactic of music in the society. In this sense, it is important to underline the relevance of new pedagogic trends that have into consideration urban popular and oral tradition music.

            Another fundamental focus of this congress consists in the analyse of the situation of music in contemporary societies and new ways of creation, diffusion and consumption. As ethnomusicologist research is experimenting and showing new methodological approaches to its aims of study.

            Finally, musical management also deserves our reflection. To know the way in which concerts, festivals and other musical events are organised, is something fundamental to bring closer to new audiences. In this way, the congress is also about the changes that industry and consumption are currently suffering.


1.      Oral tradition music: recuperation, conservation and management of cultural and musical heritage.
2.      Music and education; didactic of music: educational innovation around urban popular and oral tradition music.
3.      Interdisciplinary and methodologies of ethnomusicologist investigation in the XXI century.
4.      Industry, mass media and new ways of musical consumption.
5.      Popular urban music and identities in process.
6.      Music management in the XXI century: festivals, concerts, audience, industry and musical consumption.

Participation proposals can be in the form of communications, posters or panels. These are the rules for proposals presentations:

·         Participation proposals will include the title, the kind of participation, author’s name and surname, institutional affiliation, contact and an about 300 words resume.
·         Proposals have to be sent, as a Word file, or similar, attached to this email: The deadline is May 20th, 2014.
·         Languages admitted in the congress are Spanish, English and Portuguese.
·         Scientist Committee will asses all proposals and on July, 2014 will communicate de decision to their authors.
·         XIII SIBE Congress lets the presentation of collective panels previously organised, with three or four communications that share the subject matter. The coordinator will present the proposal, sending the title, a no more than 150 words presentation, the names and surnames of the persons than participate in it and their communication proposals, and a no more than 300 words global resume that has to include all the communications in the panel.


* COMMUNICATION SESSIONS STRUCTURED IN THE CONGRESS SUBJECT MATTERS:        Communications will be presented in oral expositions in no more than 20 minutes and later time for collective discussion. These sessions will include collective panels, organised as working groups that will discuss, previously to the congress, different contributions and the working group responsible will coordinate this. Congress presentations will be set in a roundtable.

* POSTERS: Poster presentations will have the same value than communications for all purposes (curriculum, publication of proceedings, etc.). During congress days there will be a permanent space for their exhibition and there will be a session for public presentation and discussion of resumed researches on the posters. This is the recommended option for works in progress and doctoral researches.

* AUDIOVISUALS: Researches in an audiovisual format (as final edition or material) will be able to be shown in projection sessions previously introduced and later time for an open discussion. Audiovisual presentations will have the same value as participation in the congress as the rest of formats.

REGISTRATION will be opened since July 2014 and the registration fees will be between 15€ and 30€.


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